Equipment for Sale

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ABS Soda Blaster
Allen 16-110 Engine Analyzer
Anderson Crankshaft Wheel Balancer
Arboga Heavy Duty Drill Press
Big Joe 1518-R6 Electric Lift
Big Joe 9957 Electric Lift
Black & Decker 5/8” Reversible Drill
Block, Crank & Head Cores
Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner — SOLD
Bridgeport Milling Machine – 550V with Power Table + Sony Magnescale LM22
Bruner Air Compressor(s)
Buffalo 3-12 3 Ton Arbor Press
Chicago Brake Riveting Machines — SOLD
Clarklift C500-30 Fork Lift  — SOLD
Clausing 111 Lathe
Engine Spin Tester 10 HP
Federal Mogal Engine Prelubricator
Ford 340 Skid Steer with Bucket & Forks, Completely Rebuilt
Gyromatic V-6 Industrial Vibratory Parts Burnisher/Cleaner
Hammond C8-77BW Tool & Cutter Grinder
Hein-Werner 30 Ton Hydraulic Press
Hitch Hoist HHC-750 Portable Crane
Hofmann geodyna 28m Wheel Balancer
Hofmann Twin Post Lift
Holmes VS-185 Hydraulic Lifter Testers
Homebuilt Cap Grinder/Ring Resizer
IDL/Van Norman 650 Guide & Seat Machine, Stands & Tooling
IMS Light Duty Drill Press
Irontite Cylinder Head Pressure Tester
Kohler 4.5 KVA/17 HP RV Generator
Kotafin 1355 Crankshaft Polisher
Kwik-Way 057 Boring Stand
Kwik-Way 094 Hydraulic Cylinder Hone
Kwik-Way 1291 Boring Stand
Kwik-Way 210 Spray Washer – 550V
Kwik-Way 280 Master Shot Blaster — SOLD
Kwik-Way Boring Bar Speed Reducer — SOLD
Kwik-Way Cutters, Pilots & Stones
Kwik-Way F Boring Bar
Kwik-Way FW Boring Bar
Kwik-Way FWH Boring Bar
Kwik-Way H Piston Grinder — SOLD
Kwik-Way M Portable Seat Machine — SOLD
Kwik-Way RP-53 Master Air Polisher
Kwik-Way SGA Seat Grinder Motor
Kwik-Way SGH Seat Grinder Motors
Kwik-Way SV Valve Grinder
Kwik-Way Vortex Chip Vacuum
Kwik-Way VS Valve Grinder
Kwik-Way Wedge Block Adaptor — SOLD
Lempco 533 Crankshaft Press — SOLD
Lempco C Brake Drum Lathe
Lempco Do-All Flywheel, Drum and Rotor Grinding & Machining Center
Lempco NKG Crankshaft Grinder
Lempco Portable Crankshaft Grinder
Lempco RBA Insert Boring Machine
Lucifer BD12 Furnace – 0 – 2300 F.
Magnus Gas / 550V Air Agitate Hot Tank  — SOLD
Miller 320A/BP AC/DC I. Gas Welder
Miller Econo Twin AC/DC Welder
Mitutoyo 211 Profilometer — SOLD
Mitutoyo 212 Profilometer
Mitutoyo Surftest III Profilometer
New & Used Kohler Parts
New & Used Wisconsin Parts
Newage Portable Hardness Tester
Neway Seat Cutters & Power Unit
OTC 17-1/2 Ton Hydraulic Press
OTC Sleeve Installer/Puller Set
Panametrics Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge — SOLD
Perfect Circle Piston Nurlizer
Peterson CF-2 Cyclonic Liquid Filter
Powermatic 6” Belt Sander  — SOLD
Rebuilt Blocks, Heads & Engines
Rebuilt Kohler & Wisconsin Engines
Rimac 250# Valve Spring Tester — SOLD
Rockwell Light Duty Band Saw
Serve-Equip SE2700 Boring Stand
Standard & Reground Crankshafts
Steel Racking, Benches & Shelves
Steel Roll-Up Door 14.5’ x 15’ – 550V
Stewart-Warner 2002 Balancer, V6 & V8 Bobweights, Scale & Rod Fixture
Storm Vulkan Journalmaster 130 Wire Feed Crankshaft Welder
Sunnen AN-600 Honing Head
Sunnen B-500N Pin Inserter Set
Sunnen BP-10 Pin Press
Sunnen CF-1000 2”-8” Setting Fixtures
Sunnen CH-100 Line Hone + 10RY-2400G, -2700G & 3000H Mandrels
Sunnen CR-1900, 2100, 2500, 2700 Rod Mandrels
Sunnen CRG-750 Cap Grinder
Sunnen CRH-50 Rod Heater
Sunnen GR-2245 24” Bore Gauge  — SOLD
Sunnen King Pin, Piston Pin & Rod Honing Mandrels & Truing Sleeves
Sunnen LBB-1899 Pin & Rod Hone
Sunnen MBC-1840E Power Stroke Hone
Sunnen P-180 Honall Valve Guide Hone
Sunnen P-310 Valve Guide Gauge Set
Sunnen TN-111 Rod Aligner
Tons of Current & Vintage Engine Parts
Trinco BP-2 Cyclonic Dust Filter
Van Norman 243XV Disc/Drum Lathe
Van Norman 562 Automatic Surface Grinder + Spare Fixtures & Parts
Versnick Flat Ford Crack Repair Kit
Ward Glass Bead Cabinet + Cyclone — SOLD
Wells GS-500 Horizontal Band Saw
Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester
Winona Intheblock Crankshaft Grinder
Wolf TC8D HD Pedestal Grinder